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Uncover The REAL Voice Behind The Power of Your Story That The World Is Waiting To Hear
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Small Message From Me, Andrew Medlam 
Why I Decided To Bring 'The Celebrity Hero' Strategy To You!! I made a promise to myself at the end of 2016 to help more, committed, hungry, aligned coaches get their message into the world, helping them to create change in humanity & by doing so I become part of their story! 

I see so many amazing coaches in the world create real life transformations for their clients, but when it come to marketing their business, when it comes to creating celebrity positioning, when it comes to generating an overflow of high targeted leads, they struggle... In fact, the truth is; 97% of coaches still need to have a full or part time job in order to do what they love to do!!

The thing is; I see more for you, I see that if you are willing to step away from the struggles that keep you shackled to playing small, you could become the next celebrity hero, the next micro-celebrity millionaire... You could be the face that creates REAL change in humanity!! 

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